Reasons to Go Solar

Solar installations skyrocketed across the country in 2012. California became the first state ever to add more than a gigawatt of solar in a single year. Here is what the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) President Rhone Resch had to say:

“There were 16-million solar panels installed in the U.S. last year — more than two panels per second of the work day — and every one of those panels was bolted down by a member of the U.S. workforce.”


Save money, save the planet, save the community
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Now is the Time

Energy prices are rising and solar prices are dropping, solar saves now.
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Solar Economics

Solar is fastest growing industry because it saves solar system owners money on electricity.
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Solar Powered Vehicles

Imagine driving with out ever stopping at a gas station.
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Environmental Benefit

We can have climate change, mercury in fish, asthmatic children, coal slurry spills, mountain top mining, groundwater pollution from fracking, deep horizon oil spills, nuclear waste interim onsite storage, and acidification of our oceans; or we can go solar.
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