Allterra Solar Service Program

Enjoy 1 year of free service from your Permission to Operate date.

This ensures your system is up and running without any unforeseen costs.

Allterra provides a variety of service options


Allterra receives more inquiries about system monitoring than any other problem. Rest assured that your system is still producing energy. The likely cause is internet connectivity which requires simple troubleshooting.
We can walk you through the steps to get your monitoring reconnected and your missing data backfilled.

Inverter Replacement

Central inverters last around 12-15 years so if your system was installed before 2008, you may need a new one.
The good news is that your inverter may still be under warranty and Allterra can help you make a claim and get your new inverter installed.
If your inverter is no longer under warranty we will find the highest quality replacement available. 

System Expansion

If you’re an existing client or if you worked with a different company for your initial installation, Allterra can engineer a system that will maximize savings.

System Performance Assessment & Diagnostic

Are you concerned that your system isn’t performing the way it should?

Allterra Solar will perform a comprehensive system evaluation and diagnostic to ensure your system is working optimally or identify what work needs to be done to bring it back to full operation.

System Removal for Re-Roof

Whether you are getting a new roof or embarking on a remodel, Allterra can safely remove your system and re-install it when your project is complete.

EV Charging Station

Allterra has installed virtually every type of home car charging station on the market and is a certified Tesla Wall Connector installer.

We strongly recommend contacting us once your electric vehicle is purchased or picked out so that we can pair it with the best charging station option.

Allterra Serves All of the Central Coast

Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, San Mateo and San Benito County. All of 831, 408 and 650 area codes.
(831) 425-2608
125-B McPherson St
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060
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