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Solar Powered Vehicles

Driving on Sunshine

Power your home and car with solar power. Instead of going to a gas station with ever increasing fuel prices, install a home EV charging station and reduce your transportation costs by charging your EV with a solar system. Reduce your rates for electricity and fix your transportation and energy costs for the future with reliable and clean energy from your rooftop. It’s now affordable and less expensive than traditional energy sources.

Energy Use Analysis

Understanding PG&E and their electricity rates can be a daunting task for homeowners. What rate schedule am I on? Why am I suddenly being charged $0.30/kWh when last month you were only being charged $0.16/kWh? PG&E’s tiered rate structures can make purchasing an EV more complex than it has to be. Allterra Solar helps homeowners sort through their options and select the best rate structure to power their EV and home. We meet our clients on an individual basis to better understand goals so we can customize a solution.

Solar Powered Vehicles

To maximize the savings generated from driving an electric vehicle (EV), Allterra recommends the “Solar Powered Vehicle” model. Run your new EV on pure California sunshine. That is effectively what a solar charging station for your vehicle can achieve. Use solar to reduce electricity rates and pay less to power your home and EV.

Charging Station Design and Rate Structure

Allterra Solar designs charging stations with a full understanding of how the rate structure of PG&E’s billing system will affect your every day charging costs. We will study your driving patterns and determine the best rate structure for your unique situation. Most homeowners are currently on a tiered-rate structure in which electricity rates dramatically increase as more energy is consumed. We understand that you are trying to save money and do the right thing by switching to solar and an electric vehicle; we want to help find the best rate structure available to you to maximize your savings.

Allterra handles all aspects of installing an EV charging station, from design through building department inspection. Call us today at 831.425.2608 to sign up for your free solar-powered EV charging station quote!