Environmental Benefit

We have been waiting for the next big idea or source in energy production. The dream is that a “game changing” energy source will cut costs while producing fewer emissions. This new energy source will be renewable and will not require mountain top removal mining in West Viriginia nor drilling deep into the continental shelf off our coastlines.  Solar energy is that new source of energy we have been waiting for and technological advances have lowered solar panel prices by 97% while increasing solar module efficiency by 175% since the 1970s.  Solar is the future of energy production and it is here now.  Why wait?

Solar Emits ZERO Green House Gas Emissions

From the moment you connect your solar PV system to the grid and begin producing power, you are emitting ZERO Green House Gas emissions.  That’s right, the same power you were getting from unknown fossil fuel sources can now be produced right on your roof – emission free and less expensive! According to Clean Solar Living’s website, if every home in California were to go solar it would be the equivalent to taking approximately 20 million cars off the road.

No Drilling, No Mining, No Fracking, No Problem!

It’s not news to anyone that the deleterious effects of our traditional energy sources are destroying ecosystems and affecting human health. Why not move to a source that is – quite literally – out of this world! By harnessing a source so powerful that it heats and lights the entire Earth from 93,000,000 miles away! We could eliminate vast amounts of pollution, toxic spills, and releases associated with drilling, mining, and fracking for natural gas. That would mean significant reduction in:

  • Coal slurry spills;
  • Asthma & respiratory illnesses in children in urban environments;
  • Mercury in fish and cancer in humans;
  • Climate change;
  • Contaminated groundwater and drinking water aquifers;
  • Acidification of our oceans
  • Nuclear waste management issues and accidential releases;
  • Oil spills from pipelines and offshore oil extraction vessels; and
  • Reduce water consumption by thermo electric power plants.

We could continue to list the negative externalities of our traditional energy sources, but, would rather focus on the solution: solar energy.

Full Circle Solar

We know you’ve heard the phrase, “It takes money to make money,” and by the same logic, it takes energy to make energy. It’s no secret that solar panels are created in factories and require energy to be produced, but the question that always comes to mind is, “Does the energy produced by the solar panel throughout it’s lifetime ever truly offset the energy needed to produce the panel?” An excellent question. The answer, as presented by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in their Energy Payback study, is yes! According to the study, the current, multicrystalline solar panel model will produce enough energy in just four short years to completely offset the energy needed to produce the panel. And, given that one of these panels will likely last upwards of 40-years, you can rest assured knowing that you are producing real clean energy for 36+ years! Take that, continuously carbon-emitting coal energy!

Be part of the solution, demand cleaner cost effective energy, demand solar.