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Discover How Much You Can Save By Adding Solar + Battery To Your Home
Over 4,000 Homes
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$11mil Saved
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60% Of Customers
From Word-of-Mouth Referrals
10 Years Running
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Why choose Allterra as your installer?

We’ve installed a lot of solar

Since 2004, we’ve installed the majority of solar systems across the Central Coast. 60% of our work comes from referrals by satisfied customers. Even architects and contractors refer their clients to us.

A process customers love

Solar is complex. But our team and process make it simple and enjoyable for our customers. Each step of the way, you’ll know what’s happening and what to expect next. No surprises. Clear communication.

A team of top solar professionals

We find and hire the smartest, most diligent solar professionals in the industry. We treat them like family and our employees stay with us for years. That means you’re getting a team with decades of solar experience to handle your installation.

Only the best, highest quality equipment

Our procurement team scours the market for the best quality materials and equipment for our customers. Whether panels, batteries or electrical boxes, we’re always looking for ways to create the best possible experience for our customers.

Discover How Much You Can Save Adding Solar + Battery To Your Home

Santa Cruz? Monterey? Silicon Valley?

We’ve installed there…

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Solar Installation

Custom tailored design, installation and ongoing support for any home.
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Home Battery Systems

Add or expand your battery system to complement your solar & provide reliability even during grid issues.
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Service Calls & Expansions

 Whether you have issues with your system or are looking to expand it, we can help. Even our competitors send their customers to us for servicing and troubleshooting. After 20+ years in business, we’ve seen most everything.
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Discover How Much You Can Save Adding Solar + Battery To Your Home

Photos from our installs…

We do solar different…

Solar Is a Great Investment

Installing a renewable, mini-power plant in your home is not a simple task that you want to hire just anyone for. Our focus is a top-quality, reliable system that will perform for decades with minimal hiccups, and ultimately save you far more money than sticking with just grid power or other systems.
Financially Accessible Solar
We have partnered with many community banks and credit unions in the area to be able to provide our clients with a variety of options to make an investment into solar work for them.
‘We’ll Be Right Over’ Service Team
While it’s a rare occurrence, solar and battery backup is complex and sometimes you need an expert to help you understand what’s happening. We have an incredible service team who is available around the clock.
Happy Employees Stick Around & Do Great Work
We have many of the best & most qualified system designers and installers around. Because they’re family, they’re friends, they’re neighbors.
Community First
We grew up here, we have kids here. The Central Coast is our home and we give back however we can. We hire locally, we purchase locally and we put our dollars back into the local economy.

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