Solar for Businesses

More and more businesses and organizations are switching to clean renewable energy to save money and protect against rising electricity rates. Solar electric systems can be installed in days and generate immediate savings for businesses for decades to come. If you are a business owner or own commercial property and are interested in solar, contact Allterra Solar now to schedule a free solar site assessment. Our experts will walk you through your options and help you determine if solar is right for your business.

The Process

Allterra collects data then develops a plan to help your business go solar and Save.
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Design, Engineering, & Installation

Allterra Solar’s in-house team designs, engineers, and constructs solar electric systems; Allterra Solar takes care of every step and will even work with architects and builders to support any project with structural and electrical plans.
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Incentives for Businesses

30% tax credit and solar equipment depreciation drive the cost down substantially so your business saves more money.
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Energy Choices

You can purchase electricity from the grid with no control over electricity rates or produce your own electricity and control your rates; choice is yours.
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Local Programs & Financial Partners

Allterra Solar work with local banks and clean power advocates to ensure clients have access to the best commercial solar programs.
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