Energy Choices for Businesses

Here are your current options for powering a business in an urban setting:

1. Do Nothing

PG&E is a great company. PG&E shareholders get returns on investment, electricity grid is maintained, and PG&E revenues continue to grow with our State’s energy demand. However, PG&E’s future success is dependent on customers paying more money for the same electrical service over time. The future has many questions for central power providers like PG&E. As a business owner you have a choice; be dependent on PG&E and their ability to maneuver through the volatile energy market or take control of your energy future.

2. Wait for Future Technology

If powering your business with sunlight is not technologically cool enough, continue to wait. US Corporations will definitely create an abundant energy source in the future that reduces energy costs and has little to no environmental impact. Technology is certain to come up with something to help businesses in the future, right? Or is solar the technology of the future? The sun is the only energy input into Earth’s system; powering our communities with sunlight may be the most profound use of technology.

3. Go Solar

Utilizing Allterra Solar’s free solar site assessment you can evaluate a mature technology today. Majority of rooftops and parking lots are underutilized in California. Land values in California are skyrocketing, more and more businesses are using roof-tops and parking lots as power plants; why not you? Energy production is the best use of roof and parking lot space; it will generate clean energy and pay for itself in no time.


The choice is yours.  Going Solar is a no-brainer investment for your business needs.

Traditionally, electricity was generated at a central power plant and distributed by one company, like PG&E. The last 100-years or so the central power plant model worked well for everyone. Energy was cheap and abundant and utility companies were able to charge what they needed to cover their operation costs and shareholder dividends. Unfortunately, the realities of environmental degradation and climate change came into our decision making process. Now traditional ways of energy production and distribution are no longer working. The true cost of energy production is beginning to be represented in the market place and costs are rapidly going up. From maintenance of natural gas pipelines to lobbying against environmental regulation; more and more costs are being incurred by utility companies to maintain their infrastructure and business models; cost increases that are inevitably passed on to end users, us.

Fortunately, technological advances have given businesses more options when it comes to electricity and power generation. The traditional days of central power plants are ending. Renewable sources and energy efficiency are making it increasingly easy and cost effective for businesses to produce and control their own energy. Generating electricity has never been easier or more cost effective. Now is the time to get informed and evaluate your options. Solar is a mature dependable electricity source for businesses; Allterra Solar is your local solar power contact. We are certified small, green, and local; experience the difference of a highly responsive local business centered around customer service and referrals; contact us at (831) 425-2608 to schedule your solar site assessment.