Financial Partners

Allterra Solar works with local banks and clean power advocates to ensure our clients have access to the best commercial solar programs.

Local Banks

Many local banks are now offering good solar loan programs and Businesses should check with the local bank they do business with first.  Interest rates are at an all time low and there are many good financing alternatives offered locally.  Need help? Call us, we keep track of local programs and can help.


Local Solar Programs

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  • California First:

    California First gives commercial building owners the flexibility to choose a contractor and install a custom-tailored solar energy project. Property owners choose the best solar option with the bank or investor’s repayment secured through a special tax assessment levied on the property and repaid by the property owner through property taxes. California First is our State’s innovative solar program to put solar on businesses’ roofs. Contact Allterra Solar to learn more.

  • SunPower:

    SunPower is a San Jose based solar manufacturer. SunPower makes the most efficient and reliable solar modules and equipment; also offers financing for their solar systems. Contact Allterra Solar to learn more.


Financing for commercial solar projects is changing rapidly. Many new solar programs have emerged in the last few years. Allterra Solar is here to help. We routinely attend financing seminars and evaluate options for our clients. Going solar as a business still starts with a phone call; contact us today at (831) 425-2608 to schedule a free solar site assessment.