Solar Helps with America’s Energy Independence

Help America’s Energy Independence with Solar Power

Converting to Solar Helps Reduce U.S Dependence on Foreign Energy Sources.

How can Santa Cruz residents help the nation’s energy crisis?
America’s increasing demand and consumption for energy has led to costly wars, price fluctuations and environmental disasters. These traditional sources (fossil fuels) are going to become harder to find, more costly and will completely deplete. Every day that we rely on foreign energy sources is another that we funnel more money out of the United States. Unfortunately, our economy’s strength and national security are all affected.

Residential and commercial solar is energy that is generated cleanly, efficiently and safely. On top of those facts, we see workforce increases in sales, installation and engineering, even if some of the panels are manufactured by our friendly partners overseas.

We need to reduce the trade deficit due to importing foreign oil. Solar power can give us energy independence because it has a very real and accessible path. According to a quote from American Energy Independence about the US’s solar potential “Every hour, the sun radiates more energy onto the earth than the entire human population uses in one whole year.” Solar energy sources actually exist right here in the United States and can produce an abundance of solar and wind energy in addition to natural gas sources. Although America continues to consume more energy than it produces domestically, the deficit is weakening. As we see more and more renewable energy being added to power grids at home, we concurrently witness the emergence of a more sustainable and cleaner energy portfolio.

Why Americans Should Care About Energy Independence from Foreign Oil?

The point at which American energy independence occurs is when our domestic supply adequately and effectively eliminates the need for imported energy sources. This includes increasing the strength of:

  • America’s per capita energy cost consistency
  • America’s preparation efforts for transitioning to solar power
  • America’s energy grid and portfolio
  • America’s economic policies, related to their respective pipelines, being streamlined and no longer focusing on surface issues

By taking the first step to generate electricity on your own by installing solar panels, you are increasing the chances of US energy independence with solar energy power while shielding yourself from unanticipated issues and and rising energy costs.

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