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Allterra Solar’s mission is to adapt and use the sun’s power to create value and  energy for our clients, help to protect the environment, and promote sustainability for Santa Cruz.   

The existing California solar incentives include very beneficial tax rebates for residential solar electric grid systems. When you combine this with the the current Federal solar rebates your solar panel installation costs may be 50% less because of the beneficial government incentives.  Our local solar installer design team will be happy to meet with you in person, answer any of your questions and help to explain all of the benefits of converting to solar power.  Give us a call at 831-425-2608 or simply fill out this home solar consultation to see how much you can save.

Santa Cruz Home Solar Panel Installation Services   

According to a recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek, “Solar power installations in the U.S. in 2012 are on pace to surpass the combined installation totals from 2000 – 2010.”  Nowadays, Solar has become more affordable because of more efficient technologies available, useful government subsidies, and more competition among companies driving costs down, it is easier than ever to truly benefit from a home solar panel installation.  Solar financing and rebate options are dictated by California and the Federal government programs. you can simply fill out a quick solar quote form and we’ll present all your options available to your home and needs.
Allterra Solar hopes you are excited about the opportunity to invest in clean energy and have lower utility bills with an easy to maintain, cost effective home solar power installation from Santa Cruz County’s local, most trusted and reputable solar installer.

How Can a Home Solar Panel Installation Benefit You?   

Allterra Solar been designing and installing high quality home solar energy grid systems for the Santa Cruz community for the past 10 years. Our expert knowledgeable staff, cutting edge technology panels, and the basis of our business model–keeping our customers’ interests and concerns foremost gives homeowners the flexibility to convert to solar power affordability and without any stress.  It never easier time than 2012 to start enjoying the advantages of solar energy power for your residence:

Increase your home’s value.

Extend the overall life of your homes roof

Save money on your electric bills.

Protect yourself from rising utility rates

Cut down on your carbon footprint.

Support America’s renewable energy movement.

California solar incentives – solar energy rebates and tax credits     

Here are a few reasons California is one of the best states for converting your home over to solar power: first it has over 300 plus plentiful sunny days a year, second it has very generous solar rebates and incentives. To find out more information about all the Solar energy, rebates, tax credits, grants, and other incentives from California.   

It’s important to have your Solar panel installation be completed by a certified Sunpower dealer installer in Santa Cruz County for both the safety and long term performance of your solar power installation. There are different factors that go into having solar panels functioning on your home.  One question that may come up is–Will they be completely off the grid or connected to the grid through net metering,? By hiring local Santa Cruz County solar panel installation experts, we will guide you through the whole process smoothly and suggest the most cost effective, suitable choice for your particular needs. Simply fill out our Santa Cruz County solar panel installation consultation form and our approved, licensed solar panel installer team will get back to you within hours.

Custom Solar Designs for Your Home   

Allterra Solar knows every household and property is not the exactly the same. Our expert energy consultant team will work with you to design a solar panel system specifically to meet your home’s energy needs, architectural style and overall financial goals. Our engineering design team will then draw up a set of custom blueprints, which will be inline with your goals and your property’s architectural and electrical infrastructure.

We install solar photovoltaic energy systems for homes all over the entire Santa Cruz County, with the highest level of service offered from start to finish on the entire process. Our solar installation unit uses the newest technology available in solar equipment and panels to meet all of our clients solar power demands. If your roof is older or outdated by more than 10 to 15 years,  we can recommend professional roofing contractors in Santa Cruz to repair or replace it before installing solar panels.

 Solar Panel Efficiency gets distributed all day, even at night   

Throughout the day, when your solar system has built up more power than is necessary, the excess overflow solar electricity emanates from your house back to the power lines, which run’s your meter backwards, and earns you solar energy credits. Conversely, at night when you are reunited with the family, and you want to turn on your lights, watch TV, cook dinner and use other electrical devices this is when your solar panels are generating power, through the grid tied solar electric system that supplies your energy.

By looking at your homes current gas and electrical uses, we can combine the “best practices” of making your home the most energy efficient in addition to using solar panels. Allterra Solar will help you save more money by using less energy. The Starting step to savings begins with a comprehensive on-site Solar Home Energy Evaluation to figure out and diagnose the causes of high utility bills and energy loss.