Sky High PG&E Bills and Frequent Outages Make Solar and Batteries and Easy Choice

Central Coast residents pay some of the highest prices in the nation for electricity. In fact, PG&E has hiked rates by nearly 30 percent just this year.

Not only has there been a 125 percent increase in PG&E electrical bills since 2014, the grid has also become substantially less reliable with home and business owners facing outages more frequently and for longer durations.

With wildfires and intense winter storms battering energy infrastructure, the situation will only get worse.

Enter solar power and battery backup. It is the only viable alternative to soaring utility prices and grid failure. If you’re thinking it’s expensive, think again. The average price paid per kilowatt hour generated by a rooftop solar AND battery system is around $0.22 – $0.25 compared to nearly $0.50 from the utility.

Put simply, if you can afford PG&E you can certainly afford solar and batteries. Why continue renting power at an ever-escalating rate from PG&E when you can generate your own for half the price?

Additionally, many building departments across California are no longer issuing permits for natural gas and the state is also mandating solar be installed on new construction. The writing is on the wall, with skyrocketing rates and an unreliable grid it’s time to get as much self-generated electricity and battery storage as possible.

Take advantage of generous federal tax incentives while you still can. The federal government will cover 30 percent of the cost of a solar and battery system as well as the necessary electrical improvements.

Future proofing, today… a cost effective and self-reliant home energy solution with Allterra Solar puts the power back in your hands!