Allterra Solar Wins Small Business of the Year Award

In a region pulsating with innovation and environmental consciousness, Allterra Solar shines as the beacon of sustainable energy solutions, earning the esteemed title of Small Business of the Year. Since its establishment in 2004, Allterra Solar has risen to prominence as the foremost solar installation company on the Central Coast and South Bay Area.

Founded by Monterey Bay natives James Allen and Nathaniel Allen, both UC Berkeley graduates with degrees in Environmental Science, Allterra Solar has evolved into a trailblazer in the solar industry. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is rooted in its founders’ deep connection to the local community, instilled by their parents, who were dedicated school teachers and avid nature enthusiasts.

Allterra Solar’s unique approach to business and solar sets it apart in the industry. The company’s focus on providing tailored solutions for every client underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction. Unlike other solar companies, Allterra advocates for owning solar systems rather than leasing, ensuring homeowners reap the full benefits of ownership. This customer-centric philosophy aligns with Allterra’s status as a referral-based business, placing customer loyalty at the core of its success.

With over 35  passionate team members, Allterra Solar has created a thriving workplace that fosters innovation, creativity, and inclusivity. The company’s commitment to its employees is evident in its comprehensive benefits, including healthcare, retirement savings, paid time off, and competitive wages. Regular staff appreciation events further reinforce a positive working environment.

Allterra Solar’s impact on the Central Coast community extends beyond providing clean energy solutions. The company actively collaborates with local businesses, non-profits, and community organizations, contributing to the vibrancy and sustainability of the region. As solar installations grow, so do the benefits to local economies, creating jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping energy dollars within the community.

Since 2010, Allterra has made a substantial economic contribution, injecting over $50 million into the regional economy. This includes payroll to staff living locally, payments to locally owned businesses, and money spent within the community. Allterra Solar stands as a testament to the positive impact small businesses can have on both the local economy and the environment. 

In honoring Allterra Solar as Small Business of the Year, we celebrate not only its technological and business achievements but also its unwavering commitment to community involvement, environmental stewardship, and setting the standard for sustainable business practices.