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The future is electric, the only question is where and how that power will be generated and at what cost. The issue facing home and business owners is whether to take matters into their own hands or hope for the best with the utility. Over a million Californians have read the writing on the wall and made the switch to roof top solar, battery back up and home EV charging to ensure a reliable and cost effective supply of energy. Not only are there still major incentives available, it’s a prudent decision financially and from a lifestyle perspective.

The price for a kilowatt of electricity isn’t going down so the decision to lock in a low flat rate for power is a sound one. Stop renting utility power at an ever escalating price when you can buy it from yourself at a low consistent rate. In fact, models project the average price per kilowatt hour (kWh) in PG&E territory to exceed $.61 over the next 25 years and that is at a modest 5.5% annual increase. Over the last 10 years, costs for electricity have increased by 75% so an annual 5.5% would be a welcome, albeit, unlikely surprise. Contrast that to a typical solar and battery system which will generate power for 25 years at around $.25 per kWh and you can see the value and potential savings. Solar and batteries are an incredibly safe investment and can out perform other investment products with internal rates of return (IRR) coming in between 8% – 15% depending on project variables. 

Furthermore, the state of California still requires solar on new builds and ADUs not to mention the banning of natural gas appliances in state and municipal building code. You’re going to need all the electricity you can get, why not buy it from yourself at a significant discount than you could otherwise get it from PG&E or local utility? The answer is simple, switch to solar and batteries now. To get started with a free quote from Allterra Solar, click here or call 831.425.2608. Do something smart for the planet and your pocketbook.