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Local Santa Cruz Residential Home Solar Panel Installations


Santa-Cruz-Solar-Home-FinancingBegin saving money immediately on electricity and utility bills. Receive  a FREE Financial and Home Evaluation which has proven to assess the variety of ways solar can provide savings for you and your family.
Our evaluations determine:

  • How much roof space is usable for solar,
  • If shading from trees is problematic,
  • How your home is positioned with relation to the sun.

Allterra Solar offers residential Santa Cruz County with solar financing options, timely and efficient installations and consistent monitoring for homeowners looking to make a cost effective investment in their energy, home, future and the environment.

Whether choosing to lease or own a solar electric grid system, solar energy power has never been more affordable than it is today. There are many benefits to both options depending on your individual home needs.

Extremely affordable Solar financing is available today,  contact us to learn more about “same as cash” loans from local community credit unions and $0 down payment solar lease options.

A wide variety of California solar energy tax rebates and financing options are available in Santa Cruz County, including zero down payment incentives provided by our unique SunPower Financing Plans. As the above graphic indicates, residential solar power is effective and affordable more now than ever- solar energy rates are all at an all time low based on the last 30 years. Solar panel installation and subsequent usage will undoubtedly reduce electricity and utility expenses, while concurrently raising the value of your home and household equity.

SunPower’s identity as an undeniable leader in the solar industry has a proven 25 year track record.  Power and product warranty are also guaranteed!

Let us prove how your home is an ideal fit for solar panels and Allterra Solar will develop an optimized plan which will make your household save thousands a year with a free solar consultation. Our Local Santa Cruz office maintains and operates one of the top-rated installation services in the county. Our office is located in the west side of Santa Cruz at 207-B McPherson Street, or just give us a call at 831-425-2608.