Santa Cruz Solar Energy Systems


The american alternative energy movement is taking over the country, and is changing the way we all look at using fossil fuels for our daily energy and electricity needs. It makes us realize that we running out of non-renewable resources, which are destroying the environment for generations of people in the future. There is a movement happening for sustainable cleaner forms of energy, and this is why many Santa Cruz residents are making the switch to solar energy systems. The sun offers an abundance of clean energy for all, and could drastically lower your PG&E utility bills for your property.

With improvements in technology, solar panels no longer need the sun to continuously shine to work properly throughout the day. Thanks to the emergence of photovoltaic panels, the energy derived from the sun can now be fed into the electricity grid, spinning your meter backwards and allowing electricity produced to be used by anyone in the grid.

Santa Cruz Residential Solar Power: Look Forward to Opening Your Electric Bill

Allterra Solar is local Santa Cruz Premium licensed SunPower solar panel installer, you will be-able to sleep at night with a peace of mind knowing that a local expertly trained professional will handle all aspects of your Santa Cruz solar installation, including the design, permit acquisition, financing assistance, Government tax & rebate processing and solar panel system maintenance. Additionally, SunPower’s leading industry warranties will make sure that your  rooftop solar investment is working sound and protected for many years to come. It’s not at all surprising that more homeowners choose Allterra Solar than any other solar solution.

Years ago, homeowners would need to come up with funds up front to install solar panels in their homes.  However, California has been a long time supporter of renewable energy, so your solar energy system in Santa Cruz may qualify you for state tax credits.

Today, over 20% of the state’s electricity comes from renewable sources, and thanks to the ambitious Renewables Portfolio Standard program, that number is required to rise to 33% by 2020.

California has been a frontrunner in the US for getting on board and progressively supporting renewable energy sources, and in the last ten years we have seen higher-than average electricity rate increases, more and more homeowners are getting on board.

Many people quickly learn that their Santa Cruz solar energy systems qualify for federal and state tax credits, which can refund up to thirty percent of your investment. You will also experience a great deal of savings on your electric bills, which will also help you recover the cost of your solar energy system. It won’t take long for you to recoup the cost, and then you will even notice a surplus.

Allterra Solar, your local solar energy partner can help you decide if your yard or roof will make the most efficient use of solar panels. There is a no better time as a Santa Cruz property owner than now to make the conversion to solar energy, so give us a call at 831-425-2608 to set a free house audit to see how much you can save.. Your family will enjoy the benefits for years to come.