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The abundance of endless sunshine has made Santa Cruz County the ideal market for residential solar power in California!    

In an era of unpredictable financial futures, we are fortunate to be residents of Santa Cruz County where an alternative source of energy like solar power is available.  The existing toll upon our environment is devastating given the impact of fossil fuel depletion.  An alternative source of energy is critical.

Alternative forms of energy remain: wind, water and sun.   Our Sun has the most plentiful and reliable sources of energy combined with an enormous untapped potential.  Santa Cruz residents are aware of the devastating effects suffered by our environment- we should all understand how residential solar power for your Santa Cruz home can benefit you, as a homeowner, or potential buyer.

Solar energy is a practical, while affordable and efficient, choice for you…as opposed to traditional energy sources.  The financial benefits alone are tremendous.  Historically, utility bills have increased at an average rate of 6.7% annually, according to reputable studies conducted regularly since 1970.  But, in addition to a reduction in electricity costs, you are also eligible for federal and state income tax deductions.  And, let’s not forget the increased appraisal value that your home will receive- this translates into a more marketable selling property and cost-effective solutions for the use of exponentially increasing traditional power sources.

It’s useful to focus on new and innovative ways our Sun can benefit you, in this day and age.   


There no longer exists the need for transition from solar to traditional power sources after daylight hours.  Significant technological advances, particularly the introduction of photovoltaic panels, which now allow for storage of solar energy despite the time of day, are invaluable- some panels even have storage capacity for solar energy which can be marketed to an electric company!

Santa Cruz, Aptos, Capitola, Scotts Valley and surrounding areas now have the ability to use solar power at any time; thus the increase in consumers of solar power and decrease in those of traditional energy sources.  Certainly, there exist essential details to consider prior to the switch to a solar energy source.  The transition is financially and ecologically friendly as the diagram below demonstrates:
The first thing you should know about going solar is that you have two options: purchase or lease your solar power system.  A purchase requires a higher initial cash outflow.  Although purchase of equipment and installations cost must be paid for upfront, state and federal solar rebate incentives exist whereby you save you up to 45% off a new residential solar power system.  With the lease alternative, your solar power system is installed with no down payment. Also, any maintenance or repairs are performed at no cost you. Upgrading to the latest equipment and technology is also available should you choose to purchase the solar panels rather than continuing your lease.  In any event, both purchase costs and lease payments (including interest rates) will visibly reduce your PG&E bill.

Santa Cruz residential solar power consultants are always available to assist with the transition to solar panels.   For example, they can determine where your property receives the most sun exposure to ensure the best placement for the panels on your property.

Need More Convincing? According to the California Solar Initiative

  • California leads the nation in solar energy progress with over 125,968 solar projects installed.
  • Focusing on cities with at least 50,000 residents, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and Roseville have the most solar installations per resident.
  • Solar homes appreciated in value by 17% more while also selling 20% faster than non-solar homes. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)has consistently verified these figures.

A consideration for transition to solar power for your home is definitely worthwhile.  Your contribution to the welfare of our environment invests in the future while your immediate reductions in monthly utility bills combined with tax rebates up to 45% are financial benefits.  Essentially, these perks allow for Santa Cruz residential power systems to pay for themselves very quickly.

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