How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does Solar Cost?

Stop Paying Too Much For Electricity

Solar is one of the most attractive home improvement projects out there. Especially when evaluating various options from a Return-On-Investment (ROI) perspective.

A typical system will pay for itself in 5 -7 years and almost always yields an internal rate of return (IRR) of over 12%. Most homeowners would be hard pressed to find a safer and better performing investment than solar.


Homeowner Owns Solar System and Receives All Tax Incentives:

As solar has matured over the past decade, millions of Americans have gone solar. The price has come down, technology has stabilized, and utility prices have continued to rise making solar a financial “no brainer”. Allterra offers an array (pun intended) of financing options to make your transition to clean energy as seamless as possible. In fact, you’ll save money on your first utility bill after going solar.

Allterra Power Plan 

To better serve our customers and our community, Allterra created a solar finance program that delivers solar financing with low interest rates and flexible payment options, all while keeping the money within our community.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

A homeowner that pays $120 per month for electricity today will spend over $79,000* over the next 25 years to power their home. The same homeowner could purchase solar and save 75% over the next 25 years. The choice is yours.

*Calculated using historical PG&E rate increases over the last twenty years.

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