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PG&E has Raised Rates, Again
by David Stearns

PG&E has raised rates yet again.  Customers will be paying nearly $100 a year more after the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved new rate hikes. Average households will pay $7.50 more per month for gas and electric service, adding up to $90 + a year. According to estimates, the rate increase will bring in more than $2.3 billion for the utility and pay for an overhaul of the entire system.

PG&E rates have increased almost 7% per year since 1970 with no sign of slowing down. Going solar insulates home and business owners from rate increases and is one of the best investments available in today’s volatile market. Solar PV’s internal rate of return (IRR) tends to be between 15 – 30% for homes with good to great sun exposure.  Where can you find safe and secure returns like that? Not on Wall Street.  Take control of your energy future and contact Allterra today. Allterra offers free solar evaluations so that you can decide, with no obligation, whether paying less for electricity is the right choice.