Fight Global Warming – Drink More Beer!

Discretion Brewing (Discretion) has retained Allterra Solar to become the first solar powered brewery in Santa Cruz County!  Discretion will purchase a solar electric system to offset the electricity consumed in the brewery process.  That’s right, climate change and energy consumption will not stop the taps from flowing at Discretion’s tap house.  Check out our conceptual design of the system to be installed this November:


Discretion Brewery Solar System


The solar system is comprised of 120 SunPower Modules (29.4 kWstc) and is designed to offset approximately 66% of the brewery’s electricity usage.  Discretion will generate great economic and environmental benefit by producing their own clean electricity with solar:


Economic Benefits

  • 6.96 year System Payback.  Discretion’s savings through producing their own electricity will equal the cost of the equipment and installation in 7 years.  The solar modules to be installed, SunPower, have the highest reliability rankings and have a 40-year usable life.
  • Fixed Long Term Electricity Rates.  Discretion was paying an average $0.27 per kWh electricity rate before solar.  After the solar project Discretion’s average electricity rate will be $0.09 per kWh (Solar + PG&E); thats 66% off PG&E’s electricity rates.  Purchasing solar electric systems is the best way to control electricity rates over time.
  • Long Term Savings.  By purchasing solar electric equipment now Discretion will save approximately $431,000 over the next 40-years on electricity purchases from PG&E.  More importantly, Discretion will NOT mail monthly checks out of the community; keeping the beer and money local.


Environmental Benefits

  • Water Conservation.  Traditional energy sources (natural gas, coal, and nuclear power) are water intensive industries and are 2nd in fresh water consumption nationally.  Only agriculture uses more water annually.  Every kW of solar installed saves 100-gallons of water annually.  Discretion will reduce it’s water footprint by 2,940 gallons per year and 117,000 gallons of water over the life of the system.  That is 1 million pints of water saved!
  • Carbon Reduction.  Discretion will reduce it’s carbon footprint by 2.4 million pounds over the solar system’s life.  The carbon offset with solar is the equivalent of planting 28,231 trees.
  • Miles Driven.  Discretion’s solar electric system will offset enough carbon to equal 2.6 million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.


Installation Update

Allterra Solar’s engineering team finalized design details for the building permit submittal and installation of the system is tentatively scheduled for November 2014.  Follow Allterra Solar on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about the installation schedule and solar startup celebration.


About Discretion Brewing

Discretion Brewing has exploded onto the local beer scene in Santa Cruz County.   Since March 2013 Discretion has had nothing but success. Kathleen and Rob Genco, the owners, have ensured Discretion lives up to their core values of wisdom, wit, and kindness, and of course, exquisite beer, through going solar and responsible sourcing of ingredients.  Discretion is now one of two breweries in Santa Cruz County that utilizes organic ingredients and brews beer onsite.  Located at 2703 41st Street in Soquel, Discretion is the perfect place to meet friends, grab a bite, and will soon be an example of how solar energy really can power innovation and exquisite beer brewing.