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Solar Equipment Prices Have Hit Bottom!!!

By Nathaniel Allen

Driving to work daily I see more and more solar companies on the road with trucks full of new hires and solar equipment. Solar installations in the SF and Monterey Bay Areas are skyrocketing. Why? What has changed? What is driving this unprecedented solar growth? California is not alone, take a look at the Worldwide Growth of Photovoltaics:



Solar is exploding in California and through out the world because of price.  Solar PV cells in cost per watt have  have decreased 99.5% since 1977.  If you have a sunny roof solar is more cost effective than utility supplied electricity in California.  Take a look at the Price History of silicon PV cells:

Solar PV cell pricing decreased 99.5% since 1977

Solar PV cell pricing decreased 99.5% since 1977


Home and business owners are going solar now to save money.  Record low equipment prices and better financing programs are creating amazing opportunity to save money while protecting the environment.  There is no reason to wait.  Solar is the technological fix to climate change and now is the best time ever to purchase solar for your home or business.  Price of solar equipment will go up, government incentives will go away, and demand for solar will continue to rise; take advantage of market conditions now.

Allterra Solar helps homeowners and businesses save money on electricty by installing solar electricity systems with $0 down solar purchase programs.  Support local solar power and keep your moeny in the community.  If you own a house and live in the Monterey Bay or San Francisco Bay Areas call us and request a free site assessment.  Take charge of your energy future.