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Soquel, CA – Discretion Brewing in Soquel, CA has begun harvesting the energy in sunlight becoming the first solar-powered brewery in Santa Cruz County.  Discretion’s 30 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system was designed, engineered and installed by Allterra Solar. The 30kw system is comprised of 120 SunPower high efficiency modules on the roof of the brewery and taproom. The installation will supplant 70% of brewery’s electrical needs with clean, non-polluting energy.

“From the beginning it has been important to us to source organic ingredients, buy locally whenever possible, and develop sustainable processes such as sending our spent grain to local organic farms and investing in technologies within the brewery to minimize water usage.  We are pleased to take this important next step by offsetting more than two-thirds of our electrical usage with clean solar power,” says Kathleen Genco, co-owner of the brewery.

“Working with Discretion was a dream project for Allterra. We love helping quality local companies harness the power of the sun to reduce operating costs.” – James Allen, CEO Allterra Solar

Discretion Brewing is a family-owned company dedicated to handcrafting consistently exquisite 3 Months0001organic beer and exhibiting excellence and elegance in both its products and presence in the community. Open since March 2013, Discretion Brewing strives to apply wisdom, wit, and kindness to their interactions with their employees, their customers, their community, and their beer.

Partial funding for the solar project was provided by Lighthouse Bank, a local leader in commercial lending. The Allterra Solar installation is expected to achieve a 100% ROI in little more than five years based on current and future brewery energy needs.

Discretion Brewing is excited to take the big step into solar energy to minimize the brewery’s carbon footprint. Solar energy reduces Discretion Brewing’s reliance on fossil fuel electricity, improves the environment, and makes carbon free pints possible. The name of Shimmer Pils, one of the brewery’s flagship beers, takes on a whole new dimension!