Central Coast Solar Companies Putting People to Work – Allterra Solar Jobs Update 2015

solar-jobs-vertical_2Back in 2009 Allterra Solar was a small division of a groundwater consulting company.  We had 8 employees and groundwater investigation and remediation projects were our primary service.    We are starting 2015 with 33 employees.  Solar is now our primary service with 31 full time solar jobs and we continue to hire more and more college graduates to help meet the demand of low cost solar.  Solar has been an amazing stimulus to the local economy and Central Coast Region.

Allterra Solar is not alone.  Businesses and homeowners choosing more cost effective solar energy are fueling amazing job growth across the nation.  As of November 2014, the US solar industry added an approximate 174,000 jobs, up 21% from a year before while the whole economy only grew jobs at a 2% rate.  More Californians now work in the renewable energy sector than in Hollywood’s movie sector.  The following figure puts solar energy’s amazing job creation story into perspective:

Why are solar companies so effective at creating jobs? Solar requires boots on the ground.  Outsourcing, automation, drones, and other cost saving measures are not involved when installing a solar energy system on a home.  People install solar on roofs, people design solar for building permits, people explain solar options to homeowners, and people like me work on solar web pages to help explain why solar is so important for the United States.  Solar impacts people by creating jobs and saving families money.  It is time to join the solar movement and be part of the solution.

Allterra Solar is a referral-based company headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA.  We specialize in residential and small commercial solar services.  Contact us at (831) 425-2608 to schedule a Free Site Assessment.