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It’s the new year and that means tax season.

As April 15th approaches, you begin to collect your W-2’s and other tax documents. You wonder to yourself, “How much will my tax refund be? Did I remember to save all those receipts? “

Forget the receipts. Just imagine having a tax credit of over $6,000 applied to your 2014 taxes! For many of you, that means a huge refund.

That’s what many homeowners all over the Monterey Bay are experiencing. When you go solar, 30% of the project costs are covered by the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit.

That’s some green with your green!

30% of project costs is a pretty significant amount. With the average solar installation costing around $20,000,  that’s an average of $6,000 refunded.

That’s just one of the benefits you can expect when you purchase your own solar system with Allterra Solar.

You also save massively on your electricity bill.

And you have a power plant on your roof, which definitely adds to your equity.

It won’t last forever…

In 2014, Allterra Solar helped hundreds of homeowners in the Monterey Bay save money by going solar. They received $6,100 from the Federal Tax Credit on average.

If you want to take advantage of this incentive, you have to move quickly. The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit will be ending Jan 1st, 2017. No one knows for certain if it will be continued or replaced.

Still not sure if you should go solar? Allterra Solar offers a free consultation and customized  solution. We will help you get informed of your options and eligibility for no cost to you.

With $0-down financing options and the Federal Tax Credit, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to go solar. Don’t wait, because after 2017 you’ll wish you had that tax credit sitting next to your W-2’s.


Call us today to schedule a Free Site Assessment.  Getting informed is free and every homeowner in California should know their options and make sure they understand what solar can do. One thing is for certain these market conditions will not last.