Zero Net Energy Cities, Coming to a Town Near You

In the city of Lancaster, California, Mayor Rex Parris is issuing a “Zero Net Energy Home Ordinance” for all new homes built in Lancaster after January 1st, 2017. If this ordinance were to pass, it could make Lancaster the first city to become a Zero Net City (ZNC). A ZNC is a city that has zero net impact on the environment. The homes in a ZNC feed additional power back into the grid. This reduces energy costs for homeowners that do not produce their own electricity and powers the rest of the city.

This ordinance requires that all new homes built are required

  • to have either photovoltaic panels which support two watts of energy per square foot
  • to pay mitigation fees on energy generation, or
  • a mixture of the two options.

With Lancaster being a very sunny desert city, the move by Mayor Parris is a positive step in the direction as a sustainable model city for the nation. What city will be next in line to become a Zero Net city?

You may not live in a Zero Net City, but you can live in a Zero Net Home! By adding solar, you can power your home with clean power while paying much less than you currently do for electricity. This can result in massive savings over the next few decades. Call us today at (831) 425-2608 to find out if your home is a fit for solar!