PG&E Raised Rates… Again

San Francisco, CA – PG&E raised its electricity rates for the second time in as many months when the utility’s latest increase went into effect March 1st, 2017. While PG&E suggests it is trying to “simplify” its convoluted rate system to make it easier for customers to understand, the immediate reaction from rate-payers has been less than favorable.

PG&E sells some of the most expensive electricity in the nation, consistently ranking in the top five on a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis. The average electric bill has now exceeded $100 in PG&E’s service area and additional increases of as much as 30% are expected by 2020.

“The cost of ‘doing nothing’ continues rise while the cost of solar remains low leading to record-breaking growth in our industry.” – James Allen, CEO Allterra Solar

Solar now costs less than PG&E which means that all homeowners currently paying an electric bill should make the switch to solar.

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