Trump Set to Impose Solar Tariff

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Trump Administration is poised to make solar panels more expensive in early 2018. The “Trump Tariff” will likely increase the cost of panels by as much as 30% which is why acting now makes a lot of sense.

When you decide to move ahead with your solar project, Allterra will order your equipment with pre-tariff pricing. If you’re considering solar, now is the time to sign up to ensure the lowest possible price. The federal tax credit is still intact so there are plenty of reasons to make the decision right now.

Allterra makes it easy for homeowners to make the switch to solar – all you have to do is say “yes” and we’ll handle the rest. We’re expanding our hours through the end of the year to accommodate everyone who would like to upgrade to clean energy before the tariff kicks in. To schedule your free consultation (7 days per week 8am – 8pm), click here or simply call our office at (831) 425-2608.