Financial Incentives for Homeowners

Financial Incentives | Homeowners

Solar energy systems are no longer out-of-reach for the average homeowner. Incentives for residential solar make the cost of solar power less than what utilities are charging.  Here are some of the incentives for homeowners:


Federal Tax Credit – 30% off Solar Projects

The Federal Government now supports all forms of energy; even solar and renewable sources. When you purchase a residential solar energy system you are eligible to receive an investment tax credit equal to 30% of the total system cost! That’s 30% of the cost going right back into your pocket.  In 2014 Allterra Solar clients’ received an average tax credit of $6,100 from purchasing solar equipment.


PG&E Rate Increases – Solar Fixes Electricity Rates

In addition to the federal tax credit, savings will also come from controlling your electricity rates. Historically, PG&E has raised electricity rates by 6.7% every year since 1970. Rates will continue to increase as our fossil fuel sources dwindle and more efforts to reduce carbon emissions are implemented. With a solar energy system, you are no longer reliant on PG&E for power; you’re producing power right on the roof of your home; locking in an affordable electricity rate for the future.


Net Energy Metering (NEM) – How your Meter spins backwards

Net energy metering allows homeowners to capitalize on seasonal energy generation and use. Credits are earned in the summer, when your solar system is producing more energy than your home consumes. You can draw from these credits during the winter when the solar system has less sun hitting it and produces less energy than your home consumes. Net metering is an essential reason solar saves so many families and businesses money on electricity costs.



Forget what you’ve heard about solar being too expensive. Save money right away! Purchasing a solar system is a great investment often paying for itself in 6-8 years; watch savings add up over time as PG&E keeps increasing electricity rates from year to year.

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