Local News Articles on Ali Noorani Talk This Thursday

Immigration Expert Ali Noorani to Speak at Allterra Solar

By Aaron Carnes, Good Times

“Americans cherish immigration in hindsight, not so much in the present day,” immigration advocate Ali Noorani tells me. Actually, he’s relaying something that Doris Meissner, President Bill Clinton’s Immigration and Naturalized Service commissioner, told him once, but the point is clear: as much as the United States is a nation of immigrants, it is also a nation of people trying to prevent immigration.

That tension is as old as the country itself, Noorani says, but anti-immigration sentiment seemed to reach a fever pitch this past year, culminating in a wave of fear that helped carry President Donald Trump to the White House last fall.

However, Noorani, who was born in Santa Cruz and raised in Salinas, says that anti-immigration rhetoric isn’t the only problem.” Read More…

Immigration pundit Ali Noorani to speak in Santa Cruz

By Mairav Zonszein, Santa Cruz Sentinel

“When Ali Noorani started research for his book, “There Goes the Neighborhood: How Communities Overcome Prejudice and Meet the Challenge of American Immigration,” President Donald Trump had not yet begun his election campaign and his anti-immigration rhetoric had not yet dominated the headlines.

But by the time it came out in April of this year, Trump was president and the debate over immigration had taken center stage.” Read More…