Why Go Solar?

How Going Solar Works

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Discovery Call

The first step is a chat with one of our solar educators. In this short conversation, you will learn if solar is right for you and a estimate of how much you can save.

Competitive Quote

We’ll learn about your situation during a site assessment. Once we have that information we will test different designs and then verify that the most advantageous rate tariff is used for your project. Typically, people who go solar move to a Time of Use Rate Schedule where they get paid the most for their excess electricity. Then we will provide you with a competitive quote for┬áthe best system.

Sign the Contract

You will be presented with a proposal of the ideal system we have created for you. Once you sign the contract, we can begin the actual design and implementation of your system.

System Designed

After the contract is signed, your project heads to the engineering and design team. Here they will 3-dimensionally model the system on your house, map out the electrical systems and calculate the production of your system over the next 25 years. Once everything is perfect and set, it’s time to install your system.

Install in a Day

Our professional builders will show up to your home and get to work. Most systems are installed in under a day.

Turn on the Power

Your system is built, it’s connected to PG&E and it’s time for you to flip the switch. You are now producing your electricity with the sun! Congratulations!

It all starts with one call...