Allterra Supports CALPIRG

Allterra has joined California Student Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) at UC Santa Cruz in their venture to launch the campaign to secure commitments from American colleges and universities to make the transition towards 100 percent renewable energy on campuses.

UCSC CALPIRG student representative and volunteer Andrew Garcia reached out to Micah Breeden, CFO of  Allterra about the campaign with the suggestion that “a solar panel is a great visual to get people drawn into renewable energy.” Allterra donated a solar panel to support CALPIRGs’ mission to inspire people to think big and run an effective, exciting campaign. Garcia anticipates that the solar panel will allow for CALPIRG to run events powered by solar energy, including fun extras like making solar smoothies to attract potential pledges.

CALPIRG is focused on getting real results and has been successful in winning a Yes on Prop 67 for the ban on plastic bags, registering 40,000 students to vote on a bill to make textbooks more affordable, and getting $36 billion in financial aid directly to students. The journey towards a world of renewable energy continues as Allterra stands behind UCSC CALPIRG in all efforts to make the shift to renewable electricity on campus by 2030.