Allterra Solar: A Green Business

Being green extends far beyond the color of our logo and deep into our business practices. In addition to the clean energy our clients’ systems produce every day, Allterra has taken many steps to mitigate environmental impacts of our daily business operations. Since March 2010, Allterrra has been a member of the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. The Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program and its many counterparts around the state were created to conserve resources, prevent pollution and minimize waste.

The first step to becoming a green business was to conduct an energy audit to assess how much energy was being used and how we could conserve and use more green power. The audit showed, among other things, that switching to more efficient fluorescent lights would cut our usage and save money. We have also installed panels of LEDs to further illuminate individual workstations.

Greening Business

Waste prevention is a primary tenant of the Green Business Program, which is why Allterra implemented recycling and electronic waste collection at its facilities. Employees are encouraged to carpool and bike to work to cut down on emissions associated with transportation – a leading source of emissions in Santa Cruz County. We also provide reusable mugs as opposed to single use paper cups to limit office waste. Furthermore, our office remodels utilized all recycled wood, and the foyer display is full of water wise succulents and native plants.

Clean Energy Future – Our Pledge

As a green business, we pledge to:Continue environmentally responsible practices.

  • Continue environmentally responsible practices.
  • Conserve resources and limit wastes.
  • Support education on sustainability throughout our community.
  • Meet and exceed environmental mandates and regulations.
  • Pursue innovative green tactics to help implement environmentally consciousness practices within our community.

California Green Businesses Making an Impact

The California Green Business Program has had a notable impact on energy conservation, waste reduction, and the corresponding savings. California’s green businesses have collectively conserved 333,586,553 kWh of energy totaling $33,798,990—the equivalent of powering 30,616 houses for an entire year and helped to prevent 835,334 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere – equal to the Carbon Dioxide sequestered by planting 44,161 acres of urban trees a year for ten years.

Clean Energy Future – Today

As a company we have installed 6300 kilowatts worth of solar panels, functioning to offset 290,886 Metric tons of Carbon Dioxide; equal to emissions from 61,445 passenger vehicles per year, 310,403,040 pounds of coal burned, or the consumption of 32,731,632 gallons of gasoline. This Green House Gas conservation is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 7,538, 644 tree seedlings grown for ten years or 275,354 acres of U.S. forests in one year. If you are interested in learning about Green House Gas emissions you could reduce and resources you could save by utilizing eco-friendly practices and switching to solar visit:

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint by switching to solar visit: