Save Money

Solar saves you money. Since 1970 PG&E electricity rates have increased an average of 6.7% per year. By going solar, you lock in a lower electricity rate now and into the future. Solar can be installed for no money out of pocket and will save you money today and tomorrow.

Save for Retirement

People who invest in solar see the big picture. With a ROI of 10 – 25% (annually), few investments are safer. While most people elect to go solar for $0 out of pocket, those who purchase systems are finding that solar pays for itself faster than ever before, while producing clean energy for over 50 years. We purchase electricity every day, why not purchase a clean energy source and own your own power plant?

Save The Planet

Solar module systems produce clean, emission free energy. The solar module’s simple design has no moving parts and requires nothing more than the sun to generate electricity. No burning of fuel necessary.

Save Our Community

Solar installations cannot be outsourced. Local workers install solar systems one rooftop at a time, leaving behind clean energy and cost savings. At Allterra Solar, we have created many local jobs by marketing, selling, designing, managing, and installing all our own projects.