Solar Tipping Point Has Been Reached

Solar Installations
Allterra Solar has seen a steady increase in solar awareness and demand. The “Tipping Point” seems to have been met and we are seeing amazing growth in solar.

Solar Tipping Point Has Been Reached

by James Allen

Wow, 75% of U.S. solar installs were completed in the last 2.5 years!  Solar is growing at an exponential rate and we’ve past the “tipping point”.  There is no looking back and no stopping the momentum, over the next 20 years solar will be the dominant source of energy for most cities.

The booming solar industry means great things for all aspects of society: more jobs, less pollution, and less wasted money.  The long-term benefits are immense and the positive feedback loops are hard to quantify, but I look forward to seeing how it develops.  If you don’t have solar yet, it’s officially time to jump on the bandwagon.

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