Design and Installation for Homeowners

Design and Installation | Homeowners

Allterra Solar’s in-house team designs, engineers, and constructs solar electric systems.  We routinely work with homeowners, architects, general contractors, and engineers to integrate solar into construction projects.  Our job is to make solar easy, here is how:

Solar Design

Designing a solar electric system and understanding how equipment will be installed is critical and arguably the most important aspect of a project. Allterra Solar’s engineering team visits every site then designs each project based on the realities in the field and long-term energy goals of our client. Our Engineering and Construction Teams review and collaborate on every design to ensure our designs are optimal.  Every great project begins with a great design.

Here is an example of a solar design we prepared for a homeowner in Palo Alto:




Solar Engineering

Our team of in-house engineers and solar experts complete the solar design from production analysis to electrical and structural plans for building department review. Any requirement a building department may have for installing a solar electric system is included in our service and handled by our team.  We work with building departments throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas and have designed our plan sets and engineering calculations to efficiently process building permits in any Building Department.


Solar Installation

When it comes to installation it is tough to find a more efficient team. Our engineers and builders are in sync; working together daily to ensure the build process is as efficient as possible.  We show up on time, get the job DONE, and cleanup so it looks like we were never there. Our Engineering and Construction Managers carefully screen and select our installation team to ensure only the most talented and experienced builders make the cut.  Our Installation Team is called the A-Team for a reason; they are the best.



Solar Project Management

From start to finish, Allterra’s Project Manager will be readily available to answer any questions and provide updates for next steps and project statuses.  From coordinating with onsite personnel to standing building department inspection; our Project Manager keeps you connected to the project. Our goal is to make sure your project is completed efficiently without disrupting your daily life.

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