Local Solar Power

Local Solar Power

Solar electric systems produce real power and can be installed for no money out of pocket.  When a homeowner chooses solar power they are taking action against the negative impacts thermoelectric power plants cause.

Benefits of solar beyond reducing carbon emissions are:

  • Solar panels today are being built to be 100% recycled at end of life
  • Solar panels create enough energy in 2 years to offset energy needed to manufacture a panel.
  • Major sources of silicon are silica sand, an abundant material on Earth
  • Solar panels use 0 gallons of water to produce power

Thermoelectric Power Plants

Many Americans are not aware of the negative impacts coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants have on the environment.  Here are a few significant impacts thermoelectric power is causing:

  • Power plants are the second largest fresh water consumer in the United States by industry.  In 2005, thermoelectric power used 180-billion gallons of freshwater per day.  Only Agriculture uses more water annually.
  • Power plants require endless fuel inputs to operate.  Extracting fuels (uranium, natural gas, and coal) is a dirty business and none of these processes are clean and all present major risks to the public.
  • Centralized power systems lose 5-7% in transmitting and distributing energy.  More energy lost in distribution means we are burning fuel and not receiving the benefit.

Going solar means powering our communities without fuel.  Lets move past burning things for power, lets move to solar.


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