Making the Switch to Silicon Valley Clean Energy

What is Silicon Valley Power?

Twelve communities in Santa Clara County have formed a new community-owned agency to provide electricity to consumers. This new public entity is called Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) and it works in partnership with PG&E who will continue to provide natural gas, transmit electricity and carry out billing duties. For more information on the structure of SVCE or what changes you can expect, visit

Silicon Valley Clean Energy is available for the following communities:

Campbell • Cupertino • Gilroy • Los Altos • Los Altos Hills • Los Gatos • Morgan Hill • Mountain View • Saratoga • Sunnyvale • Monte Sereno • Unincorporated Santa Clara County

Why You Should Switch

If you already have solar, we strongly recommend opting in to SVCE because of the generous compensation structure for electricity sent back to the grid. In fact, SVCE offers nearly four times what PG&E pays. Customers who generate more electricity than they consume over the course of a year can earn actual money (up to $5,000) which will be paid out every April. To earn as much money from SVCE as possible, solar customers should choose SVCE’s GreenPrime (100% renewable) rate to get a $0.008/kWh bonus for solar energy generation.

Net Metering with SVCE

PG&E’s Net-Energy Metering (NEM) programs will be identical under SVCE. For example, if you are currently on PG&E’s Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate, you will still be on that rate as a SVCE customer.

Even Without Solar, SVCE Makes Sense

If you do not have solar, switching to SVCE still makes a ton of sense. SVCE offers a less expensive rate than PG&E and customers can choose between a 50% renewable energy option called GreenStart and a 100% renewable energy option called GreenPrime. PG&E’s energy portfolio is 36% renewable. If you ever decide to get solar, you will have the option to earn money and enjoy the added benefits of SVCE’s solar program.