Cruzio Internet



Here’s the deal:

Fiber Optic Internet and Solar Power for only $189/mo.

Cruzio is the leading fiber internet provider in Santa Cruz County. Cruzio’s Fiber internet is fast. Gigabit fast.

There is a reason that so many companies let Cruzio handle their websites.

They have a fiber optic line coming directly over-the-hill from Silicon Valley and into their building. And you would be DIRECTLY hooked up to that line. That’s called speed. 

Now, Allterra and Cruzio have partnered to offer you both Internet and Solar for your home for only $189/mo! For the price of eating out 4 restaurant meals, you could go solar and fiber-optic. Welcome to the 21st century.


Fill out this form and a representative from Cruzio and Allterra will contact you soon!

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