Go Solar For Your Business

Solar Business Advantage

  • Lock in low electricity rates: Electricity gets more expensive every year, and that can affect your business. Lower your energy costs for decades to come with solar power. Commercial solar provides a great return on investment and is one of the safest investments for business owners in today’s economy. Not only do commercial solar installations cut greenhouse gasses and create jobs, they keep energy dollars in the pockets of local businesses.
  • Sustainability: Commercial solar empowers your business marketing and attracts customers by demonstrating your belief in green business. Make a positive impact on your local economy and the environment with commercial solar power.
  • Additional Tax Incentives: When a business converts to solar, they are eligible for a 30% tax credit and depreciation schedules for the commercial solar equipment. These incentives reduce the cost of installing commercial solar at your company.

    Commercial solar is an asset that produces value. Your solar power system will quickly pay itself off, and afterward you’ll be generating free electricity.

Invest in the Future of Your Business

Electricity rates continue to rise, while the costs of solar is at rock-bottom. Eliminate increasing electricity expenses by investing in solar today! Asset depreciation and government incentives drive the cost of solar down even more.

It’s time to go green.

Case Study: Discretion Brewery

Solar-Powered Brewery

The 30kw system is comprised of 120 SunPower high efficiency modules on the roof of the brewery and taproom. The installation will supplant 70% of brewery’s electrical needs with clean, renewable, local energy.

Local Financing

Partial funding for the solar project was provided by Lighthouse Bank, a local leader in commercial lending.

Short Payback Period

The Allterra Solar installation is expected to achieve a 100% ROI in little more than five years based on current and future brewery energy needs.

Testimonial From Discretion Brewery

Once aspect of brewing beer is you use a lot of energy, and we always wanted to move toward the direction of sustainable resources.

When we thought about solar, we thought about Allterra. Being another local company, it was a great process. In fact they did all the work, I just got to enjoy the luxury of staring at my phone app seeing how much energy we saved.

We are looking forward to a great year of using energy and not having to pay for very much of it.

Rob Jenko

Owner, Discretion Brewery

Video Case Studies:

Commercial Business Solar Installs in the Central Coast

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