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Climate Change and Obama

by James Allen

It finally happened!  Obama put Environment on the agenda.  This is a big deal for all of us who have been waiting…and waiting for Obama to step up with a real plan for addressing climate change.  His Climate Action Plan covers a lot of territory and focuses on key issues (i.e. infrastructure, energy, and pollution prevention).  However the most important part of the plan is he got it done.

An actual plan is a big step

Obama’s speech and the resulting media frenzy were great.  But for me, the big moment was the posting of the Climate Action Plan online.  By posting the plan, Obama made his Climate Action Plan official US Policy.  The plan clearly lays out an environmental agenda that can be reviewed, discussed, and debated.  I love that the plan has a short and sweet summary page with easy to follow pictograms.

Obama is effective with Social Media tools   

We all know social media was a powerful tool for Obama’s presidential campaigns, and now he is using it to spread the word about his climate plan.   By spreading the word, the general public will know that Obama actually has a plan.  Like it or not, it is on the agenda.

What’s next?

The Climate Action Plan is out and now we can fight to implement it.  The years of hoping and waiting are over, time to get to work.