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Allterra Solar recently installed its first Tesla Powerwall in Santa Cruz County! With the addition of a Powerwall, the Santa Cruz resident is among a growing number of homeowners who are enjoying the benefits of solar PV and electricity storage.

Powerwall brought the possibilities of home electricity storage to the attention of homeowners across the U.S. when it made headlines in 2015. With its Gigafactory in Nevada now in operation, homeowners will begin to see energy storage offered as a routine complement to solar PV systems.

The Powerwall is engineered for daily cycling, which means it is built for charging and discharging on a daily basis. When the Powerwall is paired with a solar system, the Powerwall can store energy produced by the sun for use after dark or in the event of a grid outage. Homes without solar PV can still benefit from the Powerwall because the batteries can charge at night when utility electricity rates are cheap and used during the day when rates are most expensive.

Allterra Solar is a Tesla Energy Certified Installer