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About Allterra Solar

Our Story

Founded in 2004, Allterra Solar has become the leading solar installation company throughout the Central Coast and South Bay Area. Allterra has created an award winning product and service offering that makes switching to cost effective clean energy easy for home and business owners. The company’s success has been built upon customer service and employee retention. Allterra is composed of over 40 people who are passionate about solar and the community in which they work.

Allterra is consistently voted ‘Best Solar Company’ by readers of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Good Times, and the Monterey County Weekly. Allterra was deemed ‘Best Place to Work’ by the Monterey County Business Council and the California Air Resources Control Board distinguished the company with the 2015  ‘Cool Climate Leader’ award, an honor given to only five companies in California.

Allterra is certified Small Business (DSG #1568700) in California and an active participant in Think Local First, area Chambers’ of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and various groups promoting small independently owned organizations. People also love Allterra on Yelp.

Our Team

Allterra Solar’s team is what makes it all possible. At 40 employees, Allterra has decades of combined solar experience. Our solar team does its own marketing, sales, permitting, building, servicing, and customer service in-house; we have created many jobs locally in the following divisions:

Sales and Outreach spread the word about solar, informing residents of the benefits and savings of solar. We work closely with each client to develop a custom solar solution for their home or business.

Design take into consideration all the variables and constraints (shade, roof tilt, azimuth, etc.) of a home and an individual’s energy use patterns. Our Team will visit the site to collect data and determine final details of every system design.  During this stage, we ensure clients are getting the best system possible for their home by modeling energy production over time.  Once we have the best system design possible we complete the plan set and submit the Building Permit application.

Installation and Building team takes the approved plan and arrives on-site to layout system components and install modules on the roof. Installation and wiring typically takes 1-2 days based on system size and roof type.  Once everything is installed and Fire and Building Inspections are passed the system is ready to turn on and start generating electricity!
Client Support and Servicing provides scheduling and project information throughout the process of going solar. We explain each step and send updates as Project Milestones are completed.  Not sure how the Tax Credit works?  No problem; we send clients the IRS form with instructions to make life easier.  When you hire Allterra you will be connected to your project and understand next steps.  We still have people answer the phones and say hello too.

Allterra’s experience is what makes the complex process of going solar so simple.


Our Founders

James Allen and Nathaniel Allen are Monterey Bay natives. Both graduated UC Berkeley with degrees in Environmental Science. Both have extensive experience with groundwater protection, constructing engineered systems, and managing projects. Both are influenced greatly by their parents, two local school teachers, who took the family camping, surfing, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing, and road tripping through the Pacific Northwest and Mexico.

Our Approach

Allterra’s distinguishing factor is it’s unique approach to business and solar. Allterra prominently focuses on providing the best solution for every client. That is why Allterra is a proponent of owning your solar system rather than leasing it. Other solar companies tend to recommend PPA or lease agreements because they are easier to sell. Letting a finance company own the equipment limits homeowner’s options and provides only a fraction of the benefits owning does. Allterra will not sell you solar if you are not a good fit. As a referral-based business, customer loyalty is critical to our continued success.

Internally, Allterra strives to create the best working environment possible.  We believe the people at Allterra are integral to Allterra’s success.  We offer healthcare, retirement savings, paid time off, competitive wages, paid driving time to and from job sites, and routinely have staff appreciation events to acknowledge team members doing great work. It is a balancing act to reward staff for great work and reward clients with great services and prices. We hope Allterra exemplifies a better way of doing business where community involvement is part of our marketing plan and support for other locally owned businesses is part of our procurement approach. Businesses can be part of the solution or part of the problem. To learn more about Allterra Solar’s effect on the Central Coast community, check out our Annual Economic Impact Report here

Our Impact

As solar continues to grow, so do the benefits of local communities. Solar installations create jobs, cut greenhouse gasses, and keep energy dollars in the pockets of local home and business owners instead of going to shareholders or large utilities. Since 2010, Allterra has contributed over $10.5 million to the regional economy. Including payroll to staff living locally; payments to locally owned businesses; and money spent locally. Small local businesses are integral to the vibrancy of our community. Going solar is one of the best ways you can make a positive impact on the local economy and environment.

Our Partners

Allterra Solar is proud of the many businesses, non-profits and community organizations that it has worked with over the years. Collaborating with an all-encompassing network of professionals, leaders, and students is partly what drives our company. Allterra is committed to an inclusive future for all that celebrates diversity, fosters creativity, and achieves sustainability.