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German solar power production in June equals 20 nuclear power plants!!

Solar power plants in Germany produced 22 gigawatts (GW) of electricity per hour in June 2014.  22 GW of energy is equal to 20 Nuclear Power plants at full capacity.  Ponder that feat; 20 nuclear power plants worth the energy produced with solar PV in Germany, a region with worse weather and sun exposure than Alaska. Take a look at the solar potential of California compared to Germany (Figure 1).

If Germany can produce 50% of its energy from solar what can California do? Monterey, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Aptos all have better solar potential.

Imagine what California can do with solar.  The opportunity to drive California’s economy with solar is real.  Energy storage and other technologies will emerge in the coming years to make solar and other renewable energy sources the solution for the future.  Humans have evolved past burning fuels for power.  Allterra Solar, Tesla, Sunpower, Solarworld, Enphase, SMA, and Quickmount are all businesses rising as a result of California’s solar growth.  Lets adapt our economy for the future by ending our dependence on burning fuels for energy.  Solar works in all climates, creates jobs, does not require fuel to produce power, and decentralizes energy production and political capital.  It is time to be part of the solution and purchase your own power plant.

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