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Soft Costs of Solar Panel Installation

The cost to install solar has dropped by about 50% over the last 5 years. This cost reduction, along with new financing models, has helped launch the current solar boom that has been able to benefit hundreds of thousands of US homeowners who now have solar panels installed in their homes.

Solar Panels Increase Home Values

Installing solar panels can be an asset and add tremendous value to your Santa Cruz residence because they offer savings on your monthly PG&E electricity bills

Santa Cruz Solar Power Installations

Allterra Solar’s mission is to adapt and use the sun’s power to create value and energy for our clients, help to protect the environment, and promote sustainability for Santa Cruz.

California Solar energy tax credit, rebates, grants

California renewable and solar energy incentives Santa Cruz residents should be happy and grateful to be part of California. California is a very progressive state, and they are very serious about incentivizing solar power, wind energy and energy efficiency....

Santa Cruz Solar Financing

Local Santa Cruz Residential Home Solar Panel Installations   Begin saving money immediately on electricity and utility bills. Receive  a FREE Financial and Home Evaluation which has proven to assess the variety of ways solar can provide savings for you and your...

Santa Cruz Solar Energy Systems

The american alternative energy movement is taking over the country, and is changing the way we all look at using fossil fuels for our daily energy and electricity needs. It makes us realize that we running out of non-renewable resources, which are destroying the...